July Events at Seafordspirit


In addition to our weekly service, we endeavour to provide demonstrations of the various types of mediumship

Saturday 24th July
at 7.30pm
Conversation with Spirit
Demonstration of Trance Mediumship
Via Zoom


Robin Hodson

 Robin will use trance techniques to step aside and allow those who work with him to come forward and talk. 

This is an experimental evening, results can not be guaranteed, but usually is a philosophical talk followed by questions and answers direct from Spirit.

This is not a demonstration for evidential mediumship
This event has ended

robin hodson.jpg
Saturday 10th July 
at 7.30pm 
Demonstration of
Spirit Communication
Dominic Boag
Dominic is building a reputation for his accuracy and excellent mediumship  here in the UK and USA.
To find out more about his work

This will be a popular event ... Register early to avoid disappointment.
This event has ended