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In addition to our weekly service, we endeavour to provide demonstrations of the various types of mediumship

Saturday 26th June  at 7.30pm

Demonstration of  Mediumship

Via Zoom


Richard Schoeller

New York medium, Richard P Schoeller is a great friend to Seafordspirit, a brilliant medium and tutor.  Richard wows the audience at Seafordspirit every  time he demonstrates his gift of communication with Spirit. Richard P. Schoeller is an ordained minister and  has been studying the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism since 1997 and holds the credentials of Certified Medium, Commissioned Spiritualist Healer and National Spiritualist Teacher. Aside from being a member of the Lily Dale Assembly, a former member of the NSAC Board, he currently holds the position of Vice President of the International Spiritualist Federation and is a Director and Teacher with the Inner Spiritual Center in Wayne, NJ. Richard has taught classes and demonstrated mediumship in England, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland and Germany as well as served a number of Spiritualist churches and centers throughout the United States

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Saturday 12th June  at 7.30pm

Demonstration of  Mediumship

Via Zoom


Craig Morris

Craig began his journey into mediumship after a medium told him he would become a medium. After extensive development, Craig began his work as a medium, understanding that Spirit had cleared a path for him.  He was to be invited to accompany the late Colin Fry on his 6th sense  tour in various places around the UK and abroad including Crewe, Gibraltar, Cornwall, Spain, Weston-Super-Mare, Cannock, Yeovil plus many more.  This was to bring Craigs special connection to Spirit to the attention of many.

We are pleased to present Craig for the first at time at Seafordspirit.  Do join us for a very special evening.

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