October Events at Seafordspirit


In addition to our weekly service, we endeavour to provide demonstrations of the various types of mediumship

Saturday 3rd October  at 7.30pm

Demonstration of

Spirit Art and Mediumship

Via Zoom 

Coral Ryder








  Coral , bon into a Spiritualist family, has grown up with an awareness of spirit and Spiritualism.  In 2005, she was told by spirit to put down what she was doing and to draw.  She is not a trained artist, yet with spirit guiding her hand has developed the ability to draw spirit portraits reuniting    people with the faces of their loved ones. 

  In 2012, she had the honour of being the first person to gain a Certificate of Recognition(CSNU) from the Spiritualist National Union in demonstrating Spirit Art.    She serves churches and centres in the UK and abroad, demonstrating her art .

  Do join us online for this fascinating  demonstration.

Registration fee for this event is £6.00


Saturday 21st October at 7.30pm

Demonstration of Mediumship


Janice Brook








Janice is an accurate , evidential medium who delivers her message with fun and integrity. 

Janice works all over the South East delivering

her mediumship.

Do come along and enjoy an evening with Spirit

Registration in advance  £5.50

or at the door   £6.00

janice brooks_edited.jpg

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