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Our Philosophy...


Our principle belief is that life continues past the physical end we know as death, that we have come from another plane of existence and will return back having gained from the rigours and experience of our life in this physical world.

In this belief we must see that all occurrence, each event in our life, whether pleasant or not, are important in that they will provide the knowledge of experience and hopefully wisdom in the lessons they bring.

The riches we gain from our physical life are not in possessions, wealth or status, but in the experience and understanding we glean from our time in the physical world.   It is only these gifts we can take with us beyond that point known as death.

We believe that through the various gifts of mediumship, those who have passed into the spiritual realms can contact us with message of love, encouragement or simply to give the evidence of survival beyond death. 

As an organisation, we believe that there are many teachers come to this earth plane, each offering a different viewpoint. It is the role of the individual to listen, to disseminate and to learn from the teachings offered,  but to only accept that which is true to their heart.  This truth may change as time moves on and a deeper knowledge or understanding is gained through the lessons we learn through this physical life. 

The basis of our philosophy is expressed in the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, a copy of which is reproduced here.

These principles were given to the medium, Emma Hardinge-Britten in the 19th century, in a message from spirit. The message was from Robert Owen (1771-1858), who, when he was alive, had done considerable work for social reform. He was a Welshman born in Montgomeryshire, who became the manager and later owner of New Lanark cotton mills.

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