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Teaching is important to us at Seafordspirit, we offer mediumship. trance mediumship, healing training groups , in addition to workshops provided by visiting mediums and speakers.
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An Introduction to Trance Mediumship with Robin Hodson

A 6 part course to explore and work with the field of Trance.   Beginning soon meeting Tuesday 7th November 7.00 to 9.00pmat the SEAFORDSPIRIT CENTRE the course is designed to encourage those seeking to further their understanding in this fascinating field

This course is designed to provide both a basic understanding of theoretical aspects of the trance states as well as practical exercises designed to further the development of trance.

The course introduces the following aspects                      

The aims of this course are

·    Understanding perception and control   ·     To explore our perceptions of trance

·    Mechanics of mediumship                        ·      To provide an insight into the various states of trance

·    Trance states                                               ·       Practical exercises designed to develop trance

·    Practice sitting for trance

“Who should join the course?" “Would I be suitable?” “I’m not a trance medium, is it for me?”  


All familiar questions but, simply applicants should have an interest in trance mediumship, be enthusiastic to participate, but most of all be open and willing to work.     


There are people who are more easily developed in this field, but all applicants should recognise that during this course participants will progress at a different rate.     Disappointment is only borne of high expectation.    Better to come, enjoy the experience in a friendly, supportive atmosphere and be prepared for whatever level of achievement the group achieve as a whole


This course is fully booked.

Robin is an English Medium with 20 years experience serving and tutoring at Spiritualist Churches and Centres in Britain Canada, Finland, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden and America. Robin’s main area of interest is Trance and Physical Mediumship, having run a physical circle for the past 20 years.

The course organiser retains the right to refuse applications to or the ability to request participants to leave the course, should it be felt that their attendance might not be in their own or the groups best interest.

Certified Healing Training with Sue Hodson.

The healing course is designed for those wishing to become competent Spiritual Healers.  Certified by the Holistic Healing Association.  On completion of the course, successful students will receive the certification required to practice healing publicly.

The course will commence in October, each Wednesday evening 7.00 - 9.0pm  for 6 - 12 months , dependent upon the progress of the students.

The Holistic Healing Course covers all aspects of healing , including both practical and theoretical.

Cost of the course is an inclusive price of £75.00  which includes a full years public insurance

Please telephone Sue to  secure a place  on 01323 737407

This Course will be commencing soon.  If you are Interested in joining, please do email   on

Mediumship workshops January and February 2024

Book your place now! go to January and February events for details and to register

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